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08.06.2006 - First Feeding

When we purchased Boca, the shop told us she was feeding on crickets. Crickets are probably the most popular of feeder insects. They are commonly available, cheap, generally very nutritious (especially when gut-loaded), easy to gut-load and are perfect for dusting with a calcium/vitamin supplement. Problem was, Boca showed no interest when offered her crickets. This was a bit concerning as Suriname Pacman frogs are known for being picky eaters.

It is normal for a new Pacman frog to show no interest in food the first few days. The lack of appetite is usually due to the stress of being moved and the new surroundings. I figured this was the case for Boca. Surprisingly, when I offered her a small nightcrawler earthworm cut in half, she took it almost instantly. It was a relief to see her take food but now we knew for sure she was a picky eater. This lack of willingness to take crickets was a disadvantage as the staple diet of Pacman frogs should be crickets. We're definitely going to work on getting her to start taking crickets. For now, here are some pictures of Boca eating her first meal with us.. Click on them to enlarge.

Image from Boca's first feeding Image from Boca's first feeding Image from Boca's first feeding

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