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08.04.2006 - First Day

Boca sideview

Here's Boca the first day we got her. Suriname Pacman Frogs are still relatively rare in the pet trade so when I saw Reptile Depot advertising them on classifieds, I knew it was worth the 45 min drive over to Chatsworth, CA just to have a look. If you have ever lived or visited the Los Angeles area, then you know how ridiculous the traffic can be.

By the time I got there, the shop was already closed. Fortunately, I caught the owner in the parking lot just about to leave and he was nice enough to open up shop. Boca was actually the last of the stock remaining and I couldn't believe how tiny she was when the owner showed her. From the pictures I posted, she looks to be a bit smaller than a Quarter but she was really no bigger than a Nickel. Aside from the size, the other thing that struck me was the beautiful tan/orange pattern. Her pattern and coloration will only improve as she matures and we're definitely looking forward to that. For now, enjoy pictures of Boca's first day. Click on them to enlarge.

Image from Boca's first day Image from Boca's first day Image from Boca's first day

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