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Boca's Head Shot

Boca is a Suriname Pacman Frog. Binomial name: Ceratophrys cornuta. She was purchased from a local reptile shop, Reptile Depot on August 4, 2006. We decided to name her Boca which is "mouth" in Spanish for obvious reasons. She is closely related to C. ornata and cranwelli, also known as Horned Frogs.

Map of C. cornuta distribution in South America

All species in the Ceratophryinae subfamily are native to South America. There are few C. cornuta seen in the pet trade because they are more challenging to keep than the more common Pacman frogs. Up until a few years ago, most Suriname Pacman Frogs available were wild caught. These wild caught specimens didn't fair well in captivity because of their shy nature and refusal to eat anything other than their native diet. The diet of Suriname Pacman Frogs in the wild consist mainly of other frogs and it is difficult to assimilate them to take crickets, worms, fish, mice and other common feeders. Fortunately, a few keepers have been able to successfully breed them and the offspring are more accepting to different prey items and do better in captivity.

This website was created to document Boca's growth and overall husbandry. Early on, I will try to provide weekly/biweekly updates then, monthly and quarterly updates as Boca matures. If this website becomes popular, I may decide to add a message board and maybe even a gallery for other keepers to post pictures of their frogs. Please check back often.

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